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Do your homework — 4 reasons you need a study

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Variety

When you first broach the subject of getting a home study with your partner, they might convince you that it’s an unnecessary expense. And to keep the peace, you may concur.

But having a personal office in your home brings boundless benefits for work, wellbeing and play — so it’s worthwhile preparing a perfectly persuasive pitch ahead of time.

If you’re ready to do your homework, here are four reasons you need a study.

  1. Work

Working from home just one day a week might save you cash on childcare or mean domestic duties like cooking and cleaning are divided more equally.

And if you work for a progressive company, they’ll probably realise that without the constant interruptions associated with an office environment, you’ll end up being more productive.

Alternatively, having a home office means you’re set up for migration to a role that’s entirely home-based, if that’s your ultimate aim.

Tip: finding a virtual assistant job with a firm like PwC lets you work at home four days out of 5.

home office

  1. Music

If your taste in tunes clashes with your other half and kids dominate the household airwaves by blasting out Lil Pump on their smartphones, you’ll rarely get a chance to unwind with your own music.

But with a reliable vinyl record player, some speakers and a pair of headphones, your study is the perfect location for rekindling your musical passion.

You’ll soon be lounging in a private space while losing yourself in your favourite songs — doesn’t that sound sublime?

Tip: selecting highly-rated turntable systems from the What Hi-Fi website saves shopping time.

  1. Study

When you’re muddling through a mid-career crisis and want to switch to a completely different vocation, upskilling with a formal qualification is still one of the most sensible plans.

But if finances and family commitments make campus-based full-time learning unrealistic, many reputable universities offer online degrees that can be completed flexibly.

And if you follow this plan, your home study will become a vital quite space that facilitates focused learning.

Tip: studying online with a trusted uni like Anglia Ruskin Distance Learning provides peace of mind.

  1. Writing

Being a wonderful wordsmith who pens persuasive prose or powerful poetry can be frustrating if everyday life seems to put paid to your plans of literary success.

But having a room of your own opens up the opportunity to finally finish that book that’s been lying on the backburner, bash it into shape and bundle it off for publication.

And once you gently close your door, no one needs to know whether you’re whittling away at words or doing your 9-5.

Tip: getting invaluable feedback from an online writing group like Scribophile is worthwhile.

Now you’ve got our fab four reasons to request an online study, all that remains is to convince the rest of your family to approve your refurbishment plans. With a little diplomacy, you’ll soon be savouring your den of delight.

How do you use your home study? Share your tips in the comments section.

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