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DIY on your holiday home

by emily

in Variety

Holiday home

Having a holiday house is amazing. You always know you have somewhere to go on a long weekend or during the holidays. And it’s perfect if you have kids because they have two homes to grow up in. The thing is, you’re not there on a day-to-day basis, so when you arrive there’s always a bit of DIY that needs to get done.


Here are some things you can do to maintain your home away from home.  


Clean the gutters

The gutters will get rather full over time, especially around Autumn. That’s why it’s really important that you make these a priority when you’re getting the house ready. It’s not the most enjoyable chore, but get up there and get it done. Just make sure you’re safe while doing it. Accidents happen.


Do some gardening

Grass will grow and weeds will appear over time. So, take some time to pay attention to your garden. Weeds spread like wildfire and can have harmful effects on your garden. You also don’t want to walk outside into an unkempt jungle.  


Clean the pool

If your holiday home has a pool, you may want to give it a good scrubbing, add some pool cleaner and turn on the kreepy krauly. Nobody wants to take a dip in a pool where you can’t see through the leaves and bugs.  


Check for rust

If your pipes start to rust, it could create a number of issues that you simply don’t want to deal with while you’re on holiday. Obviously you can’t see the piping in the walls, but make sure to check any visible pipes inside and outside the house.


Look after wood

Your wooden decking outside is exposed to the elements all year long, so take a look and see if it needs any attention. The maintenance may be as simple as adding an extra layer of varnish. Rotting wood may give way and you don’t what that happening when your little one is running around.


Having a holiday home is wonderful but you don’t want it falling apart because you can’t be there all the time.  


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