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DIY Decorating Ideas for Beachy Style Interior Design

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

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DIY Decorating Ideas for Beating the Winter Blues by Bringing the Beach-Style Indoors

The recent polar vortex in parts of the U.S. and generally cold climates in the Northern Hemisphere have a lot of people feeling the winter blues. Those in locations with cold, harsh winters have to balance the temperature with some extra happiness to make up for dangerous freezing temperatures, ice and snow, and high heating bills.

Those facing the chill can be as happy as those on a warm beach in Australia or Hawaii by adding some beach fun to their décor and enjoying that laid-back attitude all year long.

Decorate the Chills Away

Bring some beach attitude to your inside style by checking out Wayfair to see how Australians decorate their homes. Ditch the dark, heavy wood furniture and lighten up Aussie beach house style. Add wicker and bamboo sofas and chairs with comfortable, brightly colored cushions and throws.

Get rid of ugly art work and replace it with spectacular photography of sunsets, blue water, and palm trees.

If your budget and schedule allow, update your windows, replacing them with larger versions that let in as much natural light as possible to take advantage of the rare winter sun. Or consider adding a beach scene mural to the back of your bar or in the family room to set the tone.

Decorate Beachside Living Style with Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

Photo by PoshSurfside.com via Flickr

Add Greenery and Flowers

Freshen up your décor with summer-scented candles, live beach plants and fresh flowers in the dankest winter months. Think potted palms and hanging planters overflowing with lush vines.

Use some colorful Hawaiian hibiscus flowers. Splurge on fresh flowers once in a while for the kitchen or dining room table. If you’re not really the green thumb type, silk plants and flowers will do the trick as long as you keep a feather duster handy.

Decorate Beachside Living Style with Marquette Turner Luxury Homes 2

Photo by alonis via Flickr

Party With Beach Flair

You may not be able to barbecue or have a luau in the middle of a cold winter, but nothing’s stopping you from throwing a beach themed party. Invite the friends and neighbors to party with you and break up the winter blues with some tropical style.

Decorate Beachside Living Style with Marquette Turner Luxury Homes 3

Photo by Janet Hudson via Flickr

  • Have a “Festival of Sails” party with a sailboat theme. String up an old sheet on a tall pole to look like a sailboat sail and ask guests to wear sailor attire like captain’s hats, striped shirts.
  • Get a big bag of sand from the local home improvement center and throw a Sand Sculpting Championships party. Give party guests a bowl of wet sand and a fork, spoon, and knife, and see what they can sculpt in 20 minutes while drinking tropical drinks and listening to surf music.
  • Throw a surfer party and have the price of admission be a surf board, whether real or cardboard, and beach attire. If you can get your hands on some videos of surfing, put it on the big screen. Plan to have partiers try their hand (or feet) at surfing by putting a surfboard (or piece of plywood) on a log and see who lasts longest at carving up the waves.


This is a guest article by Martin Smith: I was born in Phoenix, Arizona and lived there for about four years before moving to Sydney. I grew up in Sydney and learned to love Australian culture and the beach. I moved to Tucson, Arizona in 1983 and started school at the University of Arizona. I majored in Public Relations and have been loving it ever since! I also fancy myself as a good squash player.

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