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Decorating for Christmas at Home

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Design & Trends, Features, Interior Design, Variety

Simon Turner of Marquette Turner Luxury Homes writes:

How can you decorate different for Christmas? How can you do so in a money-conscious manner? Well rather than dusting off those decade old decorations from the loft or cellar and instead of blowing the budget on new ones, why not look around your house and yard for inspiration.


For that fabulous festive touch, why not try these ideas:

– Use fresh floral cuttings or greenery from your garden to add colour. Use vines as a centrepiece of a table, wrap them around a candle and allow them to cascade down the table.

– Put festive coloured baubles and piece of coloured glass in a vase as a centre piece of a table or mantlepiece. Additionally, use the vases or similarly jars or cocktail glasses on top of a mirror for a shimmering effect.

– Spray paint a dead tree branch in gold or silver paint. Decorate an old flower pot with paper, glitter, ribbon or fabric. Plant the branch and use pebbles, baubles or seashells to cover the bottom. Deck the halls and decorate the branches with ribbon, baubles and festive creations from the children. Make it their tree and the kids will love to get involved.

– During your meals this season, and let’s face it they are an important part of the holidays, give each guest a small gift box filled with anything from chocolates to jokes, home-made biscuits, a lottery ticket and other small tokens of fun. Most of all – make the gifts personal.

– Fill a bowl with red and green fruit and add a few golden-wrapped lollies/candy.

– Hang greetings cards with clothes pins from tinsel or a piece of twine.

– Most of all, be creative – find objects around your home and neighbourhood can take on a new life if you take a moment to consider how they might be perfect for the festive season. Remember, decorating should be a fun part of the holiday season so make it one.

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