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Custom Steel Garages for Ultimate Convenience

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in DIY, Outdoor Living, Variety

If you are planning on replacing an old garage or adding a new one to your premises, why not consider fitting a custom-made steel garage? When most Australians think of garages for their homes, they usually think of traditional wood or brick structures. But, steel garages have many advantages of these types of materials. Here are just some of the many benefits of choosing custom steel garages for your home.


One of the biggest advantages of installing steel garages on your premises is the cost, they are far cheaper than any other material on the market. Steel garages are prefabricated which means they don’t cost as much to manufacture in comparison to other products. In addition, you can save money by ordering a kit only garage that you can assemble by yourself. If you’d prefer to let the professionals do it, there are plenty of expert companies who specialise in custom garages in Melbournewho can fit modern, stylish steel garages on your property for an affordable price.


Low Maintenance

In comparison to wood, steel garages require very little maintenance. They are perfect for dealing with the harsh Australian climate. They are made from high tensile steel, which makes them durable and easy to maintain. Steel is a cheap material to buy in Australia because of the abundance of iron ore in the country, you can also choose different types to suit your needs. When cleaning your shed, all you need to do is to hose off debris to ensure it stays looking new.


Steel garages are becoming more and more popular mainly due to their flexibility and customisation features. Professional manufacturers and installation experts can create a wide variety of designs to suit all types of specifications. You can order a metal garage kit and erect it yourself without any assistance, you’ve also the option of hiring a professional if you don’t feel comfortable constructing the garage yourself. Steel garages come in an assortment of sizes, they can fit to existing structures or set as standalone buildings. In addition, steel garages can be changed later to meet the demands of the property. Finally, mobile metal garages are easy to relocate if you need to move the structure in the future.

DIY or Professional Installation Options

It doesn’t matter what type of garage you plan on purchasing, you can save money by installing the structure by yourself. But, before you buy a kit only product, you must think about your experience and ability to construct the garage. If you are just starting out as a DIY enthusiast, it may be better to allow the professionals to handle this project.

Protective Qualities

Steel garages are made to tackle the elements, they are perfect for the Australian climate because they are highly durable and weather resistant. They come in a variety of different gauges offering clients the strength to stand up to different weather fronts. In time, environmental factors will take a toll on garages, especially if you have a wooden structure. The difference with steel is that it doesn’t warp, crack, suffer from infestation, mould or rot, it is robust and sturdier than wood. They are easier to maintain and fire resistant.

If you wish to install a garage which is convenient to fit, cost-effective and simple to maintain, then look no further than a steel garage. They are highly flexible, easy to install and great for unique, customised projects. They come in a wide variety of shapes, styles and sizes, offering a huge choice for customers. Steel garages can do anything from protecting your car to storing lawn equipment, the list is endless.

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