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Creating Special Entertainment Areas for Spring

by emily

in Emily Apple, Food and Drink, Furniture, Guest article, Health, Interior Design, Lifestyle, Outdoor Living

We’ve been rained out, kept in doors and buried ourselves beneath blankets during winter months. However, the first rays of light peaking through clouds is a sign that Spring is on the way. This gives ample opportunity to begin a process of expanding our space to include the outside world again.

So what does that mean?

Our properties aren’t limited to the four walls that surround us. Many of us have properties that extend beyond and into gardens. This means more grounds to use, plus the added benefit of not having height restrictions. The sky is open to us.

Creating special entertainment areas for Spring 2 on Marquette Turner

This could be good opportunity to consider the wonderful hobby stargazing, setting up a space in your home to look at the furthest reaches of, well, space. Here, you can take time out and get a free showing of the best visual spectacle on – or rather off – Earth! An open area like this is a great way to serve guests and entertain them.

Alongside, you could also have an open area to barbeque. You could also use this as opportunity to be slightly healthier, since you’re already not going to be using as much oil as with pan frying. This means you can combine health and fun in one neat package, all because you have the right area in which to do so. So bring out your tables, garden furniture and let yourself have a great time.

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Spring is itself an opportunity

Weather determines a lot. Entire sports events get cancelled, days are made or broken by the arrival of rain. For us as homeowners, we can also begin considering how to expand.

Entertainment need not be only about focusing on guests. We can focus on ourselves: we can use the opportunity to start planning our expansion of our houses and homes, rooms, etc. So, in Winter, we can start saving and then start designing when Spring arrives. Sunlight and longer days means it’s OK to wander around our property and consider what we can do with it.

Even the interior has an effect: lighting is distributed different, we this means being able to take advantage of natural light. Furniture, TV, lights, can all be arranged in a way that better compliments the natural light of the sign to make your entire property look different. This also means less electricity, since you won’t need as many lights on (and, due to it being sunlight) will make your house warmer.

These are just some ways to open up and expand your property to welcome spring, and hopefully bring some more entertainment back into your life.

Author Bio

Emily Apple - Guest author for Marquette Turner Luxury Homes
Emily Apple is a freelance writer, artist and jewellery designer. She has a deep-set love for the beautiful things in life and a passion for interior decorating. Her home in Cape Town, South Africa is a tribute to her love for art, entertaining and relaxation.

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