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Creating a colourful winter garden

by emily

in Lifestyle


Winter removes the bright, wonderful colours of spring and summer. Bare trees and overcast weather can slow the pep in your step and make you miss your warm bed. Sitting on a wet bench may not be your idea of an enjoyable scene, but there’s something particularly charming about sitting by the fireplace watching the rain fall.

Winter can be a special time for many and the garden can emphasise that favourite time of year by adding plants that bring a breath of fresh colour.


The benefit of tending a garden in winter


During winter, there are less weeds and pests that you have to deal with, unlike in the warm summer months. The winter rain provides ample watering for your garden. But you still need to take care of your garden by pruning your bushes and shrubs.


Plants that will give your winter garden shape and colour


Cornus alba ‘Kesselringii’ is a purple-black dogwood that’ll flourish in acidic and wet soil.

Acer griseum reveals an orange bark beneath when peeled away. The outside of the bark has a deep red colour that will liven up your garden.

Cornus sericea ‘Flaviramea’ will add a goldish green to your winter foliage.

Prunus serrula is a Tibetan cherry which has striking copper-red bark before it blooms in spring.


What to look for when choosing winter plants


An important rule to remember is choosing plants that bloom throughout the winter months. Choose flowers that are not only vibrant but interesting such as snapdragons or English daisies. The colours need to pop, even on a cold rainy day. Keep the stem colour in mind as should your plants be bare, the stem should at least show character and colour. On an overcast day, a tree that has an interesting bark, with unique colours and textures, stands out.


Display interesting seed heads such as cynara cardunculus or foeniculum vulgare in your garden. The cynara cardunculus provides a strong vertical structure. The branches sparkle like crystals once the spiders have draped their webs around them. A colourful combination of winter foliage provides a gorgeous scenery in your winter garden. If you don’t have an outdoor entertainment area, consider putting up timber decking in the backyard where you can display all your beautiful leafy pot plants this winter season. You can sit outside, enjoying the rain and mist, while admiring your beautiful new plants.

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