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Corporate Supporters Stand Up to Religious Right

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Good Causes, News & Views

article by Andie Noonan, “Sydney Star Observer

The owners of Marquette Turner Luxury Homes are encouraging other businesses to speak out against homophobia after receiving “hate mail” from FamilyVoice members after they registered as supporters of Australian Marriage Equality.

Marquette Turner is one of 17 organisations, small and large, who have registered their support for same-sex marriage on AME’s website. Other organisations include IBM, Westpac, the Commonwealth Bank and the City of Sydney.

FamilyVoice member Malcolm Pryor responded by contacting 12 of the companies to object.200905091552.jpg

“My wife and I note with disappointment your company’s appearance on the AME website,” the letter sent to Marquette read. “Homosexual behaviour is unhealthy and should not be promoted. Homosexual activists are attempting to change the definition of an institution (marriage) that has existed in every major culture in the world since the beginning of time.”

An outraged Michael Marquette responded to Pryor’s letter, explaining his business was not wanted. He encouraged others to do the same if they receive such correspondence.

“At first I read the letter in surprise and then abject disgust,” Marquette told Sydney Star Observer.

“Our response was short and sharp and basically said we are a company that stands for anti-discrimination in every form and would never choose to do business with a group of people who didn’t share those beliefs.

“It’s so easy to be silent about it and maybe throw the letter in the bin or put it under a pile of papers. But the more we come out as a group of people and support worthy causes and point out the prejudices that exist, the quicker people will start to get behind the cause.”

Four major companies on AME’s website contacted by Sydney Star Observer did not report receiving Pryor’s letter, or any other form of negative feedback from registering on the site. All said they would continue to lend their name to the AME cause despite any such feedback.

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