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Complete Home Protection with Security Roller Shutters

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Security, Variety

Let’s face it, every homeowner’s goal is for the home to be impenetrable and while there are some very good video surveillance and alarm systems, the best way to prevent anyone from entering your home is to cover all access points with security shutters. You might have visions of a bulky and unattractive appearance, when, in fact, today’s security roller shutters are designed to complement the property.

All Shapes & Sizes

The units are fabricated to very precise measurements and are designed for that specific opening, whether it be window or door, and with a slimline fascia that protects the track mechanism. Homes can come in all shapes and sizes, with round and oval shaped windows that are fixed, or you might have a unique alcove; any shape or size of opening can be tastefully protected. Once an agreement has been made with the supplier, they send a qualified surveyor to your home, and he takes the measurements for manufacture, thus ensuring that the shutters look like they belong. Any homeowner looking for security roller shutters in Melbourne, would have no trouble locating a local supplier, a simple Google search is all it takes.

Auto Locking Mechanisms

Whether you opt for a manual or motorised solution, the units automatically lock when closed, ensuring you never leave home with an open window. Any opportunist thief would never bother trying to gain access to a home that has roller shutters, as he knows how difficult it is, and besides, there are lots more unprotected homes.

Thermal Insulation

Aside from the obvious security, roller shutters offer a good degree of thermal insulation, helping to keep your interior cooler in the summer, while retaining the heat in the colder months. The drop in energy bills will confirm that this additional layer between the inside and out is an effective insulator, and we are all trying to be more eco-friendly.

Sound Insulation

When you install security roller shutters on your home, the positives are many, and they include reducing the outside noise levels. Ideal for the shift worker, you can close the shutters in the middle of the day, which gives you zero light and blocks out most of the sound, allowing you to have a good sleep session.

Motorised Solutions

This is the ultimate in easy use, and the silent running motors are very responsive and there’s even a manual crank, in the event of a power failure. Remotely operated, you can adjust the lighting in the room at the touch of a button. When you factor in the many years of trouble-free protection roller shutters offer, they are a wise investment, and if you ensure that you deal with an established supplier with a history of protecting residential homes.

If you would like to know more about the latest generation of domestic security shutters, an online search is the best place to start.

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