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Clever storage ideas for your kids’ bedroom

by emily

in Interior Design

When it comes to your kids’ bedroom, less is more. If it’s a nightmare to enter their room, getting stuck between the toys and maybe even falling knee-first onto their lego collection, then it’s time to start organising their toys before it gets frustrating for you and your kids. Whether your kids share a room or it’s one single room for one kid, there are various ways in which you can declutter their room.

One of the most clever things to do, is to always purchase items with the thought of them being able to be used for storage. For example, before you buy your ottomans, beds and stools, make sure that you will be able to use them for storage opportunities. Here are a few storage tips for your kids’ bedroom:

  • Try adding bookshelves to your kid’s room

One of the most simple and cost-effective storage solutions are bookshelves. Not only do they look good but they are practical for any bedroom that doesn’t have a lot of cupboard space. When adding a bookshelf to your kids’ bedroom, make sure that you have clearly defined storage units on the bookshelves, so that you can control the clutter before everything falls on the floor again.

If your children’s bedroom is small, bookcases are extremely practical because they slip very well into awkward and small bedroom spaces. Make sure you have storage boxes or containers to put on the shelves. That will help to categorise their toys and make the entire shelf look neater. Once your kids have finished playing with their toys, encourage them to put them away every time they use them. If your storage units are colourful, your kids will feel more attracted to them because they look appealing.

When children are sharing rooms, bunk beds are the best way to save space. It’s a brilliant solution (and kids love them as well) since they provide more space for storage cabinets and shelves throughout the rest of the room. Some modern bunk beds provide storage drawers underneath the bottom bed, which makes it practical for parents. On the sides that are not utilised, you will be able to hang decorative storage items like bags, to insert items into them. These storage facilities can be used for everyday items.

  • Use hooks to pin things up

The beauty with hooks is that you get to choose specific styles and images that really appeal to your kids. Again, if your room space is small, then hooks help to give your kids more space to play in. Although these decorative items look great, they are also perfect for storing items on and they are so practical that your child will never outgrow them. If you place them low enough, it will make whatever is being hung on them easier for kids to find and reach, as well as put back when you ask them to.

  • Opt for under-the-bed storage

Spruce up your storage boxes by adding some colour to them. Especially if you have the opportunity to build storage facilities under your kid’s bed, integrate the colours into their bedroom theme to make it look fun and colourful too. If you have enough boxes, you will easily be able to create organised compartments for different games and toys. Make sure that your boxes or drawers are safe-to-use for your little kids’ hands, otherwise, it may hurt them when they are trying to open them.

  • Colourful floating shelves

Similar to hooks, storage shelves do the trick perfectly. You can also use shelves for items that you don’t want your children to get to, or break. Shelving creates a whole new opportunity for storage versatility, and it’s also important to strategically place things according to their use. If you feel that there are certain toys and objects that your child uses frequently, place them in areas that are easier for them to reach. You can attach them to the walls as a display unit or you can use them as a handy bedside shelf for their side lamp. Shelves can also be painted and decorated according to the rest of their bedroom colours.

Final words

Try to make a conscious decision that when you purchase storage options, they are child-friendly. When your kids cannot open the drawers or baskets, they won’t put them back where they found them.

Every few months, it’s important to clean out your kids’ room. Kids accumulate toys and clutter at a rapid rate, and before you know it, everything is bundled up again and spread across the floor.

During this process, it would be good to involve them and explain to them the importance of a clean, neat bedroom environment. It will also make them more understanding when you ask them to pack their stuff away. If you include them from the get-go, they will start getting used to using those items for dedicated reasons, and cleaning up after themselves when asked to do so.

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