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Clear the Air


Clear the Air is the environmental initiative of Marquette Turner Luxury Homes


Marquette Turner Luxury Homes continually explores ways of integrating environmentally sustainable practices and standards to ensure that we are minimising the impact of our business on the environment.  As well as blogging about Eco-Living, Our “Clear The Air” program was initiated in May 2007 and is continually evolving.

Our current strategies include:

CARBON OFFSET- in all of our travels we must seek to become totally carbon neutral, thus offsetting the carbon we produce.

RECYCLED PRINTING- in all of our printing we must seek to use recycled products at every opportunity, even if this is not necessarily the most commercially-viable option.

OUR MARKETING- we must take advantage of the increasing use and capabilities of the internet wherever possible. Bucking the real estate trend by moving away from the traditional print media will enable us to avoid using such non-recycled and wasteful products.

RECYCLE & LIMIT PACKAGING- we must recycle as many products as possible, and avoid products that use excessive packaging.

ENERGY SAVING METHODS- leading by example, Marquette Turner must also actively promote and energy saving strategies and encourage all of our clients to adopt environmentally friendly and cost-effective strategies in their properties (eg. energy-saving light globes).

ACTIVE ENCOURAGEMENT – we must actively educate and encourage all friends, family, clients and customers to ensure that they minimise their footprint.