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Clean and Tidy

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Variety

We have all visited someone and as we entered the front door and looked around asked ourselves how someone could let their home become so dirty and cluttered. Even more concerning is when children live there. The dangers that come with a home that is cluttered and dirty are obvious, especially with children. So why not take some extra time and energy to prevent your home from becoming what you were aghast of when you visited that friend or relative. Let’s take a look at some simple measures that can be taken to keep a tidy and clean home which will please not only your family but also the guests that you have over, invited or not!

Modern living room

Keeping a clean home when you have a family and a pet or two is a challenge for all. All of us could use some helpful tips on how to keep the home as clean as possible, not to mention ways that we can speed up the process thereby becoming more efficient and effective with our already precious time. Did you know that you can clean your tennis shoes with toothpaste? Helpful tips on cleaning solutions, pet odours, removing stains from your laundry, and bathroom essentials help us not only save time but also money. Don’t be afraid of new ideas, for after all the only way to learn is try. And the results will free you up to spend more time with your kids, significant other, or maybe even time for you to go to the spa on ladies night.

While you are cleaning your home is the perfect time to keep your eyes open for those little pests that show up from time to time. Nobody wants them in their home, especially with children present. The health risks that are associated with them crawling around our kitchens are well known to everyone, so let’s take some actions to be rid of them and help prevent them from showing up in the future. Perhaps you are concerned about what chemicals will be used to rid your home of these creatures. A termite and pest control in NJ offers mechanical exclusion and sanitation and only as a last resort will use pesticides. So rest easy knowing that options are available to keep your home pest free without the use of dangerous chemicals.

Neat and tidy cupboard space


Stuff. We all have stuff. Many of our homes are cluttered with odds and ends piled here and there, never mind our closets and under our beds. Now that your home is clean and pest free, it is the perfect time to declutter and organize. There are so many helpful solutions to this challenge that we all face and for the price of lunch for two we can turn our messy closet into a well-organized part of the room. Helpful suggestions and affordable products are available for just about every room in the house and should be taken advantage of when our budget allows. Now, with your home clean, pest free and organized, kick back and take a deep breath acknowledging a job well done!


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