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How to choose the perfect refrigerator for your small kitchen

by emily

in Variety

Redecorating your home is always fun, but it does get tricky when you live in a small space. Kitchen appliances take up a lot of space, but your creativity doesn’t have to stop because you don’t have enough room. There is always a way to work around that.

Besides a stove and a dishwasher, another home appliance which takes up space is a fridge, it’s even harder to choose one if you have a small kitchen. There are so many different styles and designs to choose from. There are side by side fridges, double door fridges and french door fridges.

Here are a few tips on how you can choose a refrigerator that will be the perfect fit for your small kitchen.

Things to keep in mind

Besides the fact that you’re looking for a fridge, there are other things you need to consider. Things like your budget, whether you are looking for something affordable and how long you plan on using it. Do you see yourself living in your current home permanently or do you plan on moving into a new place?

How many people do you live with and how much refrigerator space do you need? Also, take your lifestyle into consideration, do you need a big fridge for your fruits and veggies or a bigger freezer for bulk meat buying? Those are things you should consider while you’re looking for a fridge in order for you to get the right one.

Check how spacious the fridge is

Before you decide on a fridge, it would be best that you measure the space in your apartment or home. Once you have done that, you can go fridge shopping with a better idea of what will fit. There is nothing worse than buying a fridge you love, only to find out at home that it doesn’t fit.

Measure the space where the fridge will be, you can also look at your old fridge. It will give you an idea of the right fridge size. Leave a few inches of space so that you don’t struggle when you’re installing it. Check that it will fit in the doorway as well.

You need to consider the design of your kitchen. If you have an island, then you will need to get a fridge which fits with the doors able to open completely.

Deciding on the perfect fridge for your place

There are many types of fridges you can choose from when redecorating, such as:

Top mount refrigerator: These classic fridges have been around for years and are convenient for people with small kitchens. This is ideal for small families, single people or couples, as well as students. It’s a regular fridge, low cost to run and there is a variety to choose from. They’re available in white, silver grey, silver and metallic. However, it doesn’t have all the cool features you might be looking for.

Bottom mount refrigerator: these fridges are slightly bigger than a top mount fridge and have a different design. They have a bigger freezer at the bottom. They also have a larger refrigerator space and a smaller freezer. Ideal for singles and middle size household and with a storage capacity of 200 to 500 litres.

Side by side refrigerator: have the best of both worlds with a side by side fridge. It doesn’t need a lot of room space. It’s split in the middle so you have equal space for your fridge and freezer. There are different brands that you can choose from, there is a Samsung side-by-side and Defy side-by-side, just to mention a few.

With a side-by-side, you can find one with or without a water and ice dispenser. This is also a good choice for small kitchens as it has shorter door swings.  

This is ideal for those who want the largest storage for a narrow kitchen and something modern. But if you’re looking for a fridge with some compartments for your children’s snacks, this won’t have enough room.  

This fridge is great for families and medium-size household, its storage capacity is 550 to 800 litres.

French door refrigerators: This fridge offers it all. There’s enough space in the fridge and freezer. It has small fridge doors and is convenient for food trays, as it has a large fridge capacity. With this fridge, you have an option if you want a water dispenser.  

However, it’s the best for big households with a bigger kitchen space with a storage capacity of 500 to 800 litres.

Important Tip: Find out about smudge-free stainless steel, especially if you have small children. There are brands which offer stainless steel that’s resistant to smudge. This is perfect for families with small children as it’s much easier to clean.

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