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Cheaper to Fly? The World’s Most Expensive Cities to Park Your Car

by Marquette Turner

in Eco-Living, Real Estate Radar

Experts suggest that the price of parking your car is, in general, inversely proportionate to the amount of office space available.* Therefore, due to a relative glut in commercial office space in Australian cities, we have some of the highest parking rates in the world!

Monthly Parking Rates (all in US Dollars)

  1. London City, UK                $1,167
  2. London West End, UK        $1,136
  3. Sydney, Australia              $775
  4. Hong Kong, China            $742
  5. Perth, Australia                 $610
  6. Brisbane, Australia            $592
  7. New York, Midtown, USA  $585
  8. Tokyo, Japan                     $552
  9. Stockholm, Sweden          $509
  10. Dublin, Ireland                 $508

Therefore, particularly to all you Aussies, there’s never been a better time to look for a more economical and sustainable method for your work travel arrangements.

Simon Turner

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*the experts in this case are the Commercial Research team from Colliers International

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