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Charity Begins At Home

by Marquette Turner

in Good Causes, Wise Guy

Some of Marquette Turner Luxury Homes’ US and Canadian partners have teamed up with prominent Charities to assist with the sale of property. It’s a win-win situation for all involved.

A launch event is organized when a new property is listed and people are invited to the event by the Charity, the Realtor and the Vendor. Invitations for a small cocktail party or a larger event are distributed with donations on the day or evening going to the Charity.

The “event” nature of the launch and the power of word of mouth marketing have seen some excellent results. At a time when money and liquidity are at a premium it is an excellent way for the community to support each other and for vendors and Realtors to open up inexpensive marketing channels to achieve sales quickly and at a small cost to vendors.


Michael Marquette

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