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Changing your bedroom into the bathroom

by emily

in Variety


If you have a vacant bedroom that you’d love to make use of and you could do with another bathroom in the house, then it’s time to convert your spare room into a luxury bathroom. Changing up your living space can be a fun challenge. Especially if you’re moving out the blankets to move in a showerhead. However, before you head over to your builders, ask yourself the following questions to ensure you are making a financially sound decision that won’t leave you penniless.


Does the room have access to plumbing?


If the room is too far away from any existing water or sewer pipes, the plumbing cost on your revamp project is bound to escalate. Before deciding on anything in the line of renovating, take plumbing into consideration when calculating the cost. Know how much you want to spend in relation to the value of your property. Get online and arrange for plumbing quotes beforehand. This is a sure way of knowing what you’re letting yourself in for.


What are the costs involved and how much to spend?


Before any renovations are done you need consider the amount you’re willing to spend on your new bathroom. This could be the difference between over-capitalising on your home or staying well within your means. If you should ever decide to sell your property, an ordinary bathroom with marble as its luxury feature won’t make sense. You might not get your money’s worth back into the sale price of your home. If your calculations work out in your favour, you can pack up your blankets in the room and start revamping.


Does the room have natural light?


A dark bathroom that doesn’t have much natural light isn’t ideal and as appealing as one that basks in sunlight. Will you need to factor the extra cost of enlarging windows or installing skylights?


While natural light is good, privacy may also be a game changing factor. If your bedroom already has large windows, it begs the question,  “How much privacy will I have?” If the windows are too large for your liking, take into account the cost of window treatments.


Does the room have good ventilation?


Having a shower in your bathroom means you’re going to need efficient ventilation installed into the ceiling. Lack of ventilation will lead to your bathroom becoming moldy and damp in no time. If you have everything sorted for your new bathroom, then go ahead and revamp.




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