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Caution! Biting the Pillow May Cause a Face Full of Light!

by Marquette Turner

in Features

It appears that shortly the days will soon be gone for being woken by the obnoxious buzz of our alarms at some ungodly hour thanks to the new innovation by Eoin McNally & Ian Walton.

The Glo Pillow uses an integrated fabric interface for setting the alarm, where the time is displayed on the surface at a press of a button. As the user falls asleep the pillows many sensors monitors as you pass through the five sleep stages until you reach REM (Rapid Eye Movement) signaling the pillow to slowly illuminate from 0lux to its brightest setting of 250lux simulating a natural sunrise.

Picture 34.png

Picture 35.png

The health benefits of being woken without noise have been documented and its been said that the Glo Pillow will ensure a more healthy sleep rhythm, helping to make the days more productive and stress free.

You would think that with all these gizmo electronic built in that it would be more like sleeping on a brick, but that’s far from the truth. The pillow includes an outer cover made from 100% cotton, a second layer of thin netting, a third layer of foam batting to cushion and disperse LED light, a fourth layer of an LED woven substrate developed by Philips, and a fifth layer of 5lb density visco-elastic memory foam, similar to that used by NASA on their cosmic journeys. The Glo Pillow is also charged by induction making it totally wireless and with a simple tug of soft touch control panel it illuminates doubling as a night light for those midnight snack moments.

The Glo Pillow has more bells and whistles than a one man band and as soon as it comes into productions will be ready to throw my old alarm into the trash and rush to the stores.

Patrick Diaz Miholic

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