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Almost Everything You Need To Know About Santa Barbara, USA

The Pacific Coast of California is a region that needs no introduction. Its reputation for long, warm summer days, beautiful beaches, and calm, tranquil scenery is the stuff of countless tourism oriented broadsides and cable TV ads. There is no need to rehearse the old tired song and dance, except to quickly note that much […]

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Architecture in Toronto, Canada

Most tourists perceive Canada as a cold country, home of ice hockey and maple syrup. Little do they know that this territory is one enormous nature reserve park. Like every country with vast, empty space, Canada has beautiful scenery and many wonderful areas to visit. It comes to no surprise that it is highly ranked […]

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5 of the Most Famous Palaces and Chateau’s in Paris, France

As one of the most visited cities on Earth today and having been at the heart of power for centuries, Paris in France features some of the largest and most famous Palaces and Chateau’s in the world.  Thus, whether you’re planning to visit Paris or are a student of design, architecture or history, these five […]

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casino de monte carlo, monaco

Famous and Luxurious Casinos

Whilst online and mobile gambling are becoming more popular, they still don’t quite match up to that feeling of being in a real casino, adding a bit of sparkle, glamour and atmosphere to your gaming. The casino buzz is hard to describe, but it’s felt nowhere better than the most luxurious casinos and hotels in the world. […]

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5 Great Castles of Scotland

2014 is a big year for the Scottish, with the Commonwealth Games being held in Glasgow and the vote for Independence in September. The Scots have a proud history and feature some of the most amazing medieval Castles in the World, many of which have featured in quintessential literature such as Shakespeare’s Macbeth, on TV […]

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Adding Comfort and Convenience to Long Distance Flights

As glamorous as jetting off to your favourite holiday destination may sound, there is nothing romantic about a ten-hour flight, particularly if you’re not fortunate enough to be sitting at the pointy end on this occasion. Luckily some simple luxuries, tips and tricks can take the edge off the aeroplane blues. Settling in for the […]

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Rent Luxury Homes Around the World Through These Websites

It’s that time of the year again and holiday destinations are getting jam-packed with tourists. Have you decided how to spend your Christmas and New Year’s Eve? The rich and famous are flying out to exotic locations around the world to make merry, so why stay behind and do it the modest way when you […]

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How to Choose a Short-Term Apartment in European Cities (Infographic)

How to Choose a Short-Term Apartment in European Cities. How to spend your well-earned money for a vacation home rather than hotel  

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Relocating to the Rocky Mountains

Known commonly as the Rockies, the chain stretches over 3,000 miles from northern British Columbia in Canada to New Mexico. Sculpted by glaciers and water into lofty peaks and deep valleys, the range is a part of the American Cordillera, a spine-like ridge of mountains that extends all the way from Canada to the tip […]

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Exploring the Architecture LA has to Offer

Los Angeles has something to offer every architectural connoisseur, whether it leans toward historic or modern. With a skyline designed by Pritzker Prize winning architects, LA has buildings at the cutting edge of design and innovation. Historic and modern Perhaps one of the oldest structures of note in LA is the Bradbury Building, designed by […]

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