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How Mobile Apps are a Great Resource for Businesses

Many of those in the business world find themselves travelling extensively. Luckily, there are many resources that make it much easier to travel than it once was. Here are a few of the many advantages mobile apps can offer those in the business world. Time savings Apps are specialized tools that can make booking hotel […]

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How a Travel App Can Help You See the Best of Prague

Travel apps have no doubt made it easier to make the most out of each and every one of your trips. Since almost everyone seems to have a smartphone nowadays, it means that everyone can enjoy the many benefits of the latest in hot new travel apps. Your own personal tour Travel apps such as […]

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Better Home Security For Rental Tenants

Renters make up a larger and larger portion of American residents by the year. Young and mobile Millenials in particular tend to be devoted apartment-hoppers, and even older workers often find that convenience of a rental outstrips the benefits of owning a house. But while rental properties may be gentler on the wallet and generally […]

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Can Wi-Fi Home Automation Make Your Property More Desirable?

We live in an increasingly digital age and more and more areas of our lives can now be automated  including our homes. All this is to make our life easy so that we do not have to face any sort of issue in our day-to-day life. What looked like a humongous task yesterday looks easy […]

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Green Jobs Ahead in the Building Industry

Whether you are a smart investor looking to retro-fit your own home or office, the owner of a construction company meeting new client demands, or an employee looking for new opportunities, the trend for green construction and eco-friendly jobs in the United States will be very much on the rise throughout 2015 and beyond, not […]

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How to Avoid a Break-in. The 5 Most Basic but Effective Deterrents

Home security is an incredibly important thing for any family, and knowing that you are doing your best towards it is the least your family should expect. With the knowledge that a country like Canada had a 156,000 reported break-ins in 2013, preparing your home to stop being part of such a statistic becomes even […]

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7 Décor Apps that’ll Change your World

There is an app for absolutely everything these days. The world of décor has not been left behind. Novice interior decorators can now easily reshuffle, refurbish and renovate their homes to look like a magazine showpiece. Keen to get started on your decorating project? Then check out these popular decor apps: For floor plans and […]

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How a Home Security System can Benefit Your Property

It is something we all fear. We return home from a hard day at work or a relaxing holiday only to find that our home has been invaded by outsiders.  This feeling of violation for victims of burglary can last long after the crime has been “tidied away” and friends and colleagues seem to have […]

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4 Repairs Every Renter Should Know How to Do

Regardless of whether you rent or own a property, here are four repairs that are useful to know how to do yourself. As a renter/tenant it is important to know what is and is not your responsibility in your rental space.  Generally, landlords are required to fix anything that makes a space uninhabitable. This means […]

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Practical Magic: Great Smartphone Apps to Organize Your Everyday Life

Remember the days when you had to admit it if you were a disorganized person? Remember the days when you’d forget by the afternoon if you noticed milk was missing from the fridge that morning? If you’re looking for ways to simplify the day, the answer may be as close as your smartphone or tablet. […]

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