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How to decorate archways for outdoor weddings

Many brides and grooms want to add their personal touch on their wedding day and a customised archway is the best way to do so. Because archways are so versatile, you could turn your wedding arch into whatever you want it to be. If you’re interested in personalising your outdoor garden archways there are many […]

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Taking Care of Your Linens

Luxury comes with an expensive price tag – it’s smooth to the touch and soft to the feel. Egyptian lines – the best a woman can get! If you want to float away on soft bed of feathers, then having imported luxury linens is the way to go. The special thing about this material is […]

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How to Get Your Home and Yard Ready for Winter

Before you know it, winter will be here with a vengeance. By all accounts, this winter may be even harsher, colder and snowier than last year’s frigid fiasco. Therefore, the best thing you can do — in addition to stocking that pantry and getting new snow tires — is to get your home ready for […]

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How to Fix Up Scratches and Scrapes in Wooden Furniture

Whether it’s the leg of an antique wooden chair or the surface of a brand-new coffee table, small dings can be unsightly as well as a little soul destroying. It may sound like an old wives tale, but using a walnut to cover up these scratches and scrapes really does work.

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GREEN: Save Water When Doing Household Chores

Christine Watson of Marquette Turner Luxury Homes writes: Australians could save more than 28 billion litres of water per year, the equivalent of 11,000 Olympic swimming pools by changing the way they do their household chore.  For instance, households that hand wash their dishes used a dishwasher, it would save close to 8,000 litres of water per year.  That is the statistic for only one house and one family.  Can you imagine how many kids would be doing other chores, if we all had a dishwasher!

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HEALTH: 3 Tips for a Better Sleep

Christine Watson of Marquette Turner Luxury Homes writes about 3 Tips for a Better Sleep. Avoid caffeine in the afternoon. Eat a small bowl of porridge or wholemeal crackers just before turning in.  An all carb snack increases levels of mood lifting serotonin. Make sure you get enough calcium, magnesium and Vitamin B12 – which helps fight fatigue by building robust red blood cells and influencing levels of melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep cycles.

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How to Deal with a Full Inbox. Try RSS Feeds and Readers

Once upon a time, email newsletters were rare and a great way of staying up-to-date with the news from ones favorite companies and their websites. Today, it often seems that every man and his dog produces an e-newsletter, and with the best will in the world, it’s hard to stay on top of things at […]

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RECIPE: Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce – The Best Plus the Quick Methods

There are two recipes here for chicken satay with peanut sauce from Luxury Real Estate agent Christine Watson of Marquette Turner Luxury Homes. She gives recipes for both the best method and the quick and easy method. You will enjoy both recipes.

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How to…Build a City with Toothpicks

Scott Weaver of California, USA, has spent the last 40 years building a seven feet high replica of the city of San Fransisco. Clearly a labor of love, he recently turned down a $40,000 USD offer from Ripley’s Believe it or Not for this piece of Folk art.

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How to…Cure a Cold with Old Fashioned Remedies

Christine Watson: Here’s some simple (and somewhat old fashioned) tips on how to cure a cold, the flu, or just a few sniffles! They’re certainly worth a try 🙂

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