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Luxury is…

Luxury is…features articles on a wide array of topics representing just how differently luxury can be defined: to some luxury is five star hotel rooms, first class travel, and the finest cuisine. To others, luxury can be a roof over ones head, safety and happiness.

Vacation in Absolute Luxury in Cape Town, South Africa

If some of the images of Cape Town during the 2010 Soccer World Cup whet your appetite for visiting, or if you can’t resist pampering yourself with no expense spared, this visually stunning and tres chic property could be perfect for you.

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The Strand Craft Super Yacht with a Super Car

If you’re fortunate enough to have a super yacht, then no doubt you have a super car also. Hence the conceptual Strand-Craft-166, a somewhat stealth-like looking craft that is certainly super in every sense of the word, and unsurprisingly features a floating “garage” in the aft.

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The Swarovski Crystal Salt and Pepper Shaker

At what point does luxury go too far? If every item in your home, no matter how big or small, must make a luxurious statement, then these Swarovski crystal encrusted salt and pepper shakers are just the ticket. Handmade by the clearly very patient Macassar Ebony Tischaaccesorries and designed by the House of Dick Furniture […]

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Georgio Armani Purchases Greek Island Amongst Fierce Competition

The Greek island of Skorpios, formerly belonging to Aristotle Onassis, the famed Greek shipping billionaire, and the site of his wedding to Jackie Kennedy in 1968, has been purchased after a hot bidding war by fashion titan Georgio Armani.

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Hollywood Legend Marlon Brando’s French Polynesian Resort

“The Brando” is currently under construction on the island of Tetiaroa, a 13-island chain circled by a coral reef 35 miles from the (main) island of Tahiti, and was a former playground for Tahitian Kings purchased by Brando in 1965. Scheduled for completion in late 2012, the resort’s style and design will be heavily influenced by the Tahitian Kings of yonder.

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The World’s Most Expensive Apartment Sold

Featuring six bedrooms and a panic room and set across two floors with bullet-proof windows and panoramic views of the Serpentine, SAS-trained security guards, iris scanners and secret escape tunnels and 24-hour room service from the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, of all the 86 apartments this penthouse is clearly the cream of the World’s crop.

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The Sultan of Brunei’s Garage for 7000 Vehicles

When you have 7000 cars with an estimated value of $5billion USD the problem is not only finding time to drive them, but also where to store them. The Sultan of Brunei, as always, does not let such a trivial issue stand in his way.

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The Oldest Known Champagne Discovered

Recently divers discovered a unique kind of buried treasure whilst exploring amongst the remains of a sailing ship in the Baltic Sea: 30 bottles of champagne! Said to be approximately 230 years old making it the oldest in the world, the champagne bottles were found at a depth of 180 feet, and were likely part of a consignment sent by King Louis XVI of France to the Russian Imperial Court and after sampling it, the champagne house Moet & Chandon have stated that they are almost certain that it is the product of Veuve Clicquot.

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TRAVEL: Marina Bay Sands in Singapore is World’s Second Biggest

Gaming behemoth Las Vegas Sands of the US has just opened the world’s second biggest casino in Singapore. At a cost of $5.5 billion USD, the “Marina Bay Sands” is expected to generate annual profit close to $1 billion USD. So far 963 hotel rooms of the 2560 total at the casino-resort are open, as are parts of the shopping malls, some of the retaurants, exhibition centre and events plaza.

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Travel Like Royalty on The Maharaja Express in India

If you would like to be treated like a Maharaja, then the Royale Indian Rail Tours Ltd has the ideal offering. A joint venture between Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) and Cox and Kings India, Royale Indian Rail Tours Ltd allows you to experience a majestic train journey that is out of this world.

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