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Emily Apple, Guest Author for Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

Emily Apple is a freelance writer, artist and jewellery designer. She has a deep-set love for the beautiful things in life and a passion for interior decorating. Her home in Cape Town, South Africa is a tribute to her love for art, entertaining and relaxation.

Understanding the Kitchen Triangle

Get the best out of your kitchen by optimizing your workspace Unless you are a professional chef or caterer, you probably haven’t given a lot of thought to how much influence the layout of your kitchen has on your quality of life. The truth is your kitchen is the busiest room in your house. In […]

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How to Re-Season Your Home

A quick and easy guide to updating your living spaces as we head into new seasons It is that time of the year when seasons are shifting all over the globe. Whether you are breaking out your bare legs at the first signs of sun, or pulling winter-clothes from the back of the closet, a […]

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How to Host an Eco-Friendly Dinner Party

“How to make the environment your guest of honour” It’s all well and good to be earth-conscious in our daily routines, but have you ever considered how far you steer from your green-living habits when it comes to festive occasions? There is a humdrum stigma attached to eco-friendly habits; a belief that you can’t host […]

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