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Green Jobs Ahead in the Building Industry

Whether you are a smart investor looking to retro-fit your own home or office, the owner of a construction company meeting new client demands, or an employee looking for new opportunities, the trend for green construction and eco-friendly jobs in the United States will be very much on the rise throughout 2015 and beyond, not […]

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Thumbnail image for Surprisingly great places to travel and live

Surprisingly great places to travel and live

We all want to live in places that feel right to us: whether in terms of temperature, business and income, views, or whatever. Perhaps we want to visit and remain in places for years to come, or merely travel. Most of us can name off-by-heart those places we want to go, seen from films, documentaries, […]

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Good Cause: The $300 Property Project to Help the World’s Poorest

When a desperate need exists, it’s often creativity and ingenuity that can provide the best solution. With an estimated 2 billion people worldwide suffering from some form of housing problem of varying extremes, the $300 House is a project aiming to design functional housing for some of these people.

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