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Four Tips to Spruce up Your Living Room

Not everyone falls into a decorating rut, but for those who do it can feel like a hefty task on our shoulders for a bit of inspiration. Go through lifestyle magazines and get a feel for the kind of living room you want. Emphasize a centre piece Give a new look to your living room […]

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3 Ways to Personalize Your Table Decor for Easter

By Ronique Gibson The spring season always evokes a feeling of rebirth and renewal, and Easter is the perfect time to bring flowers, Easter eggs and natural materials to your table setting. Gathering family and friends around a spring-inspired dining room complete with Easter colors and seasonal motifs is the perfect way to complement your […]

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Eastern Luxury: Bathroom Inspirations

Home improvement trends are rapidly increasing, and indeed home deco in its entirety is an important aspect of our daily lives. Be it our contemporary living rooms, top of the range kitchens, elegant lounges, extravagant TV rooms or luxurious bathrooms, we all strive to choose a style that provides us with comfort and style. But […]

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Plan for Your Winter Blankets in Summer

The minute seasons change from winter to summer, the blankets that have served us so well are folded and stuffed into cupboards. Here they’ll remain until winter comes around again. Does this not seem like an awful waste of something beautiful you’ve spent money on? To only use it for half of the year, or […]

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Window Treatment Trends and Options

Dressing the windows in the home is an important element, often putting the finishing touch on the decor of a room. There are so many options available to you for window treatments. It is essential to consider the specific needs of the space and what function you need from chosen window treatments. Are they there […]

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6 Basics of Bedroom Decoration

Research tells us that the bedroom is a place where the majority of people (all across the globe, not in any particular country or region alone) end up spending around a third of their whole lives, i.e. 8 hours on average per day. This alone should serve as a reason enough for you to give your bedroom […]

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The Return of the Skylight: And It’s All Thanks To Blinds

It would be fair to say that most architectural styles come and go. We’re not talking about whether or not a Georgian style is on the comeback, or if a thatched roof might be coming to a home near you either. What we’re really referring to is the small parts; things like window styles which […]

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Top 5 Smart Storage Ideas for Home Libraries

It doesn’t come as a surprise to see book lovers’ abode being huddled with copies of magazines, novels and manuals. Gone are the days where books adorned the four walls of homes, its all about being smart today. And not just smart in terms of design, smart in terms of storage too. Here we offer […]

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5 Tips and Tricks to Give your Bedroom that ‘Luxury Hotel’ Feel

Bedrooms are difficult rooms to get ‘just so’ in any mode of contemporary living. As a place we spend a third of our lives, it is instrumentally important to our wellbeing to create the perfect environment in which to relax, recoup and recharge for whatever business throws itself your way the next day. So when […]

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Quickly modernise your home on Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

How to Quickly Modernise Your Home with Furniture and Accessories

Is your home currently looking drab and out of date? Does it need a serious facelift throughout the interior in order to make it look like it belongs in the 21st century? Well, the bad news is that you will need to invest some of your money into making these necessary upgrades. The good news, […]

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