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4 Interior Design Tips for a More Comfortable Home

Once you’ve moved into a new home, the first step is to make it your own by imposing your sense of design on it. Using the vast palate of decoration available to you, it is your job to decide the impression your house will give every visitor from now on. Faced with such a large […]

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Women and the Importance of Design History

(via) The New York’s Museum of Arts and Design is hosting an exhibition called “Pathmakers”. Subtitled “Women in Art, Craft and Design, Midcentury and Today”, the exhibition “considers the important contributions of women to modernism in postwar visual culture.” For anyone interested in design and aesthetics, it’s important to look at contributions from people often […]

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How to Hang and Display Artwork in Your Home (Infographic)

You don’t need to be an interior designer or budding-Picaso to recognise the importance of art to a room. Just like your furniture, artwork can immediately change the look, feel and mood of any room in your home. This infographic provides useful tips on how to display your art, to give you a stylish gallery […]

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5 of the Most Famous Palaces and Chateau’s in Paris, France

As one of the most visited cities on Earth today and having been at the heart of power for centuries, Paris in France features some of the largest and most famous Palaces and Chateau’s in the world.  Thus, whether you’re planning to visit Paris or are a student of design, architecture or history, these five […]

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Frank Gehry Untitled lamp design

7 Amazing Lamp and Lighting Designs from Around the World

Amazing lighting by ingenious designers can have the effect of stimulating multiple emotions, as well as setting the tone for any room.  From lamps to pendants, from one off installations from a global icon to minimalist designs for the kitchen or bedroom, we look at seven great examples from around the world. THE GLASSHOUSE When […]

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Milk Glass: New Spin on an Old Classic (Interior Design)

There’s just something so elegant and sophisticated about a beautiful piece of glassware. When it ceases to look like glass because of a unique visual texture (it isn’t completely invisible or see-through) or because it isn’t the “clear” glass color we have all come to expect, well, you have a real showstopper on your hands. At a […]

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Interior Design: Game-Changing Glass Décor – Staged to Perfection

Interior Design: Game-Changing Glass Décor – Staged to Perfection No matter which side of the real estate table you sit on, furniture is an important aspect to the home buying and selling property game. Think about it: when you’re selling your home, sometimes effectively staging your place can be the difference between a quick sale […]

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Modern Furniture Ideas to Inspire you

Modern furniture can mean many things to different people. It might be an ultra-sleek box-like construction with plain fabric or leather upholstery or perhaps vintage furniture, such as G Plan or Shaker style that has been given a modern twist with funky, bold colors or stripes.  Multifunctional modern furniture That being said, modern furniture often […]

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Thumbnail image for Hugo Boss Winner Uses $100,000 Prize Money to Create Guggenheim Work of Art

Hugo Boss Winner Uses $100,000 Prize Money to Create Guggenheim Work of Art

For the German artist Hans-Peter Feldmann, winning the Hugo Boss prize in 2010 meant an opportunity for him to create a unique piece of art. With the $100,000 prize he received for significant achievement in contemporary art, he has added to his contribution to the art world by pinning 100,000 one dollar bills on the wall of the Guggenheim Museum in New York City.

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Vivid Sydney Festival Makes the City Shine in the Best Light (VIDEO)

Thumbnail image for Vivid Sydney Festival Makes the City Shine in the Best Light (VIDEO)

Launched in 2007 as as an opportunity to celebrate the quality of design produced in Australia and uncover innovative ways for future urban lighting, Vivid Sydney is the biggest festival of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere lighting up the city and its icons, such as the Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge.

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