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Architecture articles with images & videos from real estate throughout the world of contemporary real estate, design, renovation & restoration.

Period Properties May Become the Luxury Homes of the Future

By the year 2030, period properties might be the preserve of the rich. Rising fuel prices will mean that a household in an older property will need a minimum annual income of £100,000 ($166,000 USD)* to stay out of fuel poverty (which is defined by a household needing to spend more than 10 per cent […]

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Modular Building Construction: The Foundation of Future Housing Needs

Modular Building Construction and Prefabricated Homes  Modular construction, usually sectional prefabricated buildings or houses that comprise of multiple sections known as modules, have become one of the best and most effective solutions for property building in recent times Generally, the modules are six-sided boxes constructed in a remote facility using methods such as off-site construction and stick-building and […]

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Interior Design: Game-Changing Glass Décor – Staged to Perfection

Interior Design: Game-Changing Glass Décor – Staged to Perfection No matter which side of the real estate table you sit on, furniture is an important aspect to the home buying and selling property game. Think about it: when you’re selling your home, sometimes effectively staging your place can be the difference between a quick sale […]

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Infill Homes – Living in a Luxury Home Without Breaking The Bank

As a new generation of citizens are beginning to discover, the words infill homes and luxury accommodation do not have to be mutually exclusive.  Indeed, with many urban city centres both nationwide and worldwide recognising the positive aspects of new building projects, a new era of cost-effective luxury is fast approaching. What are infill homes? […]

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Million Pound Homes: What Kind of Home Will One Million Buy You Around the World? (Infographic)

A million pounds is a lot of money to many and it’ll come as no surprise to discover that just what that million will buy you varies considerably in each corner of each country, let alone each corner of the globe. This infographic looks at 8 different million pound homes throughout the world, from apartments […]

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Exploring the Architecture LA has to Offer

Los Angeles has something to offer every architectural connoisseur, whether it leans toward historic or modern. With a skyline designed by Pritzker Prize winning architects, LA has buildings at the cutting edge of design and innovation. Historic and modern Perhaps one of the oldest structures of note in LA is the Bradbury Building, designed by […]

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Architectural Eco-Home in Tropical Sentosa Cove, Singapore

This home designed by ONG & ONG Architects in Sentosa Cove, Singapore is environmentally friendly & provides, space, peace, privacy and tranquility.

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Warm and Rustic Log Cabin-Style Family Home in the Cascade Mountains, WA

For those who appreciate their cold months with the option of warmth, there’s nothing like a well-designed, rustic hideaway that harmoniously blends natural materials with the surroundings, such as this Log Cabin-Style Family Home in the Cascade Mountains, WA

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The Restored Lakefront Church House in Rotterdam, Netherlands

This lakeside Church in Rotterdam, Netherlands by Ruud Visser Architects, dating back to the 1930’s but used as a storage space & garage since the 1960’s, has been restored into a contemporary design with a glass facade overlooking the River.

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Casa Pite Guest House in Chile: Rooms with the Ultimate Ocean Views

Casa Pite Guest Hotel in Chile features contemporary design with dramatic line and angles, features stunning ocean views from all positions.

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