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California To Decide Whether Freedom Is For Everyone

by Marquette Turner

in News & Views

The Screen Actors Guild in Los Angeles has officially announced its opposition to the California ballot initiative that would ban same-sex marriage. This is an enormous step forward in what seems to be a very close call.

After weeks of being criticized for not contributing enough to defeat Proposition 8 (the proposal to outlaw Gay marriage), members of the film and TV industries have recently stepped up their contributions — financial and otherwise — to fight Proposition 8, and on Tuesday a union committee voted to oppose the measure.

“No actor should have to disclose his or her sexual preference in order to get health and retirement benefits,” said Actor’s Guild Chairwoman Anne-Marie Johnson. “Being legally married means everyone is treated the same. It’s important that we take a stand to protect all actors from discriminatory hiring practices and provide same-sex couples access to benefits.”

Separation between church and state is vital and decisions made which are based on religious beliefs are simply not something that Governments are elected to make. Even if Proposition 8 is defeated it should be a lesson to the rest of the world that prejudice and discrimination of any type is damaging and we must never forget atrocities of the past.

Discrimination is ugly and is a scurge that should be eliminated at every opportunity. Many lives have been lost defending freedom and we need to respect those lives by ensuring their sacrifice was not in vein. Marquette Turner Luxury Homes does not tolerate discrimination in any form – Let’s hope that people rally to defeat Proposition 8.

Michael Marquette

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