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Buying Abroad: Marquette Turner makes the front cover of British magazine

by Marquette Turner

in Interior Design, Luxury is..., News & Views, Real Estate Radar

The British magazine “Buying Abroad” has chosen to feature a luxury home of Marquette Turner’s on the front cover of their latest issue, as part of their feature on Australian and more specifically Sydney property.

Catering for the legions of British real estate investors that choose to look overseas to make their investment, the magazine showcases the many opportunities throughout the world. In this issue as well as featuring Australia, there are also articles on Spain, Italy, South Africa, Egypt and Switzerland.

With the British real estate market in freefall, and the stock market index looking particularly fragile, for those investors still with money to put into something solid, Australia provides some great opportunities and there is little reason to believe this will change.

For those looking to invest in property in Australia, there are obviously rules and guidelines set by the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB). There is also some extremely useful information on our website.

The magazine is available to view online in its entirety as well as in hard copy if you prefer the traditional method.

Coming soon, Marquette Turner Luxury Homes will be featuring in magazines from Russia, Dubai and the United States, as part of our ongoing efforts to showcase luxury Australian properties to the world.

Simon Turner

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