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Bushfire Tragedy Brings Out The Good & The Bad (with podcast)

by Marquette Turner

in Podcasts

podcast [podcast]https://marquetteturner.com/audio/090211-Bushfire.mp3[/podcast]

In what is a macabre, devastating and life changing week for everyone in Australia, it is hard to put feelings into words. The somber mood around the country is all consuming and our hearts and prayers are with all those involved.

It would be inappropriate and disrespectful to discuss property news in the middle of what is a national disaster, and therefore this week I will dedicate my article to the memory of those who have lost their lives.

I pray for those who have died or lost family members, friends, colleagues, neighbours, pets, livestock, irreplaceable memorabilia and property of all types. Over 150 detectives are intensifying their hunt for those involved in the callous and cowardly acts of arson that have claimed nearly two hundred confirmed (200) lives and possibly more than three hundred unconfirmed (300) as an estimate.

The fires have resulted in more than 6000 homeless people, in need of our total support. To have survived the experience creates a new set of challenges for all involved – the loss of all you know is something I can only imagine – it is too much for me to fully understand and comprehend. Trying to rebuild a life after such a horrific event will require not only financial support but emotional support.
We have received messages from friends from all around the world offering their love and prayers and for that we thank you all very much. Simon Turner’s family live only twenty kilometers (20) from where there blaze tore through Victoria. We are all thankful they were spared, however it brings the fragility of all of us to the surface – it makes the experience all the more real for all of us and we thank God for their safety.

On behalf of everyone at Marquette Turner Luxury Homes I would like to thank the brave men and women of our emergency services who have worked tirelessly and selflessly to bring order to what is total chaos. We would also like to thank all those people who have given their time and money so generously to assist how best they can. Let’s all hope that this carnage ends quickly and the monumental task of rebuilding lives can begin.

Michael Marquette

Michael Marquette comment’s about the Victorian bushfires, including observations on the good and bad side of humanity.

11th February 2009

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