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Britain Sold For $59 million

by Marquette Turner

in Real Estate Radar

The British Isles – well, the islands on “The World” in Dubai – has been sold to Dubai-based, British citizen Safi Qurashi, for a cool $59 million USD.


Possibly the most ambitious of Dubai’s land reclamation projects, The World is an archipelago of 300 islands laid out to represent countries of the world.


Mr Qurashi is one of Dubai’s most successful property developers, with his company, Premier Real Estate Bureau – a waterfront property agency – turning over almost $550 million USD in 2008.

Nevertheless, he still cherishes the memories of his childhood in Britain so what else is a man of such wealth to do but bring his old homeland to his new one. His plans for the 11 acre islands include architecture to suit all classes and traditional pubs – some would argue much the same as the homeland – for the comfort of expats like himself.

Furthermore, just to prove what a global citizen Safi Qurashi is, he has also purchased the island that is Moscow.

And who says money can’t buy happiness?

Simon Turner

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