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Bring the Playground to your Backyard

by emily

in Design & Trends, Outdoor Living, Variety

If you’ve always wanted to create a play space for your children at home, then put it on your resolutions list. You’ve probably not started this project because you imagine it to be massive, but the truth is that it won’t take a lot to create a space that the little ones will adore.

Basic considerations to take into account

One of the most important aspects to consider when planning an at-home playground is the surface. Kids take tumbles often, making grass and sand the ideal natural surfaces for the play area and the immediate surrounds. Cement, concrete or pebbles should not feature where children spend their time playing.

You also want to look a little wider and see what grows close to the play area. Any thorny bushes are out and the same goes for plants known to attract bees. Bees are harmless but could pose a danger to a friend who is allergic to them.

Plants that you consider your favourites, or plants that are particularly fragile, should also be moved further away. Rather replace them with durable, low-maintenance plants and shrubs. They’ll be able to better withstand balls and little feet.


The classic playground elements and then some

There are a couple of basics that no playground can be without. These are swings, sandboxes and jungle gyms. A swing can easily be constructed with an old tyre and a piece of rope. Sandboxes are relatively easy to put together too and the same goes for DYI jungle gyms. These jungle gyms are made specifically for back gardens.

Other simple ideas that can be made and added to the backyard in the space of a few hours, are balance beams, tight ropes, mud pits and soccer goals, no net required. You can also randomly arrange tree stumps in varying heights for kids to climb on or walk over. Almost every kindergarten in the world has something similar and it keeps the kids entertained for hours.

We all know that children like to draw as much as they like to run, so add a blackboard to an exterior wall and then give your little ones free reign. Your local hardware store is sure to stock the paint and any other treatments you might need.

Inspect and maintain post installation

You’ve created a fun place for your children to play and they love it. Just don’t forget to inspect it regularly! Check equipment for rust and loose nails, ensure that chains and ropes are securely fastened at all times, and make sure there aren’t sharp edges or exposed metals that could cut little ones while playing. By doing all of this, you’ll ensure that your children’s backyard playground is as safe as it is fun.

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