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Brazilian Environmental Concept Rewards Consumers for Saving Water

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Eco-Living, Variety

Water conservation and management is becoming increasingly imperative around the world and there’s many ingenious & clever initiatives seeking to address the problem.

As part of our Clear the Air initiative, we’re always looking for global conservation ideas and we recently came across Banco Cyan, a novel approach in Brazil modeled after a bank account, which monitors consumers’ water usage and rewards them when they manage to cut back.

The result of a curious partnership between beverage brand AmBev and Sabesp, a Brazilian state-owned water utility, Banco Cyan offers consumers in the state of São Paulo some extra motivation to save water.

Banco Cyan Rewards Consumers for Conserving Water

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When a consumer opens an account with the service, it begins by researching their usage history with the water utility and then determines an average consumption level. Over the ensuing months, consumers can then earn points by not using more than their average consumption level. If they can use less than that average, however, they can earn even more points.

Consumers are also awarded stars representing the number of points they’ve earned, thereby increasing their eco-creds on the site. The points accumulated by users of Banco Cyan can in turn be redeemed for discounts at numerous participating partners including Submarino, Americanas.com and Blockbuster.

Keep the good ideas flowing!


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