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Bookshelves: Let Your Imagination Run as Free as Bowie’s

by emily

in Design & Trends, Furniture, Variety

The passing of music superstar David Bowie understandably sent shockwaves around the world.

Bowie was among the most intriguing of characters, blessed with a chameleon-like ability to adapt to the decades and reinvent himself whenever the need arose.

Of course he was also a trailblazer for the industry, bringing theatrical elements to the rock ’n roll genre.

As tributes continue to pour in for the erstwhile “Ziggy Stardust”, the public is learning more about Bowie the man, and the characteristics that made him one of the great creative geniuses of modern times.

Notably, Bowie was a voracious bibliophile, devouring books from the time he first learnt to read. His collection was extensive, to say the least.

In a 1997 interview with Mr. Showbiz, he said: “”I had these cabinets – it was a travelling library, and they were rather like the boxes that amplifiers get packed up in – because of that period, I have an extraordinarily good collection of books.”

This was also the man who famously noted, “Don’t you just love the Oxford dictionary? When I first read it, I thought it was a really, really long poem about everything.”

If ever there was an advertisement for the impact books can have on a life, David Bowie is it.

Filling your home with coveted volumes and favourite reads not only will enrich your life, but will give a wonderful aesthetic to your space. Shelves of books invoke an old-world charm that family and friends will relish, and also have the added advantage of being magnificent talking points.

DIY aficionados can also have a field day getting out the Makita power tools to make their own shelves, which offers the opportunity to do something different.

Some interesting variations to consider when looking at bookshelves.

Ladder bookshelves: Though very simple to assemble, the impression that is left is striking. All this requires are two identical ladders of equal height.

Boards are placed on each individual rung, and spread across between the two ladders.


Staircase bookshelf

Building a staircase bookshelf is challenging, but the end result is highly effective. The balance between steps and the shelves of the wall unit gives a tremendous symmetry, and of course the opportunity for people to see what the homeowner is reading cannot be missed.



Palett bookshelves

Where some see ugly packing wood, other see potential when it comes to paletts.

Because there are so many things you can do with it, your imagination really can run free when it comes to pallet bookshelves.


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