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Bomb Shelters: A Home Away From Home

by Marquette Turner

in Design & Trends

Whilst perhaps not practical for everyone’s home or backyard, Radius Engineering International, provoyeur of fine bomb shelters (!) has developed the “Earthcom“, capable of accommodating for up to 200 people for all those potentially catastrophic events.


Of course the term “bomb shelter” shouldn’t discount the many other events and crisis for which the Earthcom could prove a saviour. These include:

  • Tornadoes and Superstorms;
  • Nuclear Weapons;
  • Chemical Weapons/Accidents;
  • Nuclear Power Plant Accidents;
  • Nuclear/Chemical Terrorism;
  • Power Plant Failures;
  • Forest Fires; and
  • Famines

The Earthcom (EC) 70-128 consists of 13,440 square feet and in excess of 171,392 cubic feet, with a ceiling height from 10 feet high in the apartments to almost 22 feet in the common hall and generator room. Air enters the shelter by blowers designed to operate 24 hours per day and supplies many times the breathing volume of air required by adults and results in a complete air change every 1.4 hours.

The comfortable living areas, complete with gymnasium if you so desire, are complete with fiberglass arches, a septic system, a communications package with high-tech radio equipment, and a food and fuel package, among other amenities.


It is estimated to cost around $3,296,100 USD to maintain plus $100,000 USD more to make it comfortable. Therefore, with a price of $1.3 million USD for the shelter itself, that’s a total of around $1.6 million USD.

This may sound expensive, and Radius Engineering International do offer a number of other shelters that start from $14,000 USD, but if it can save 200 people’s lives then surely it’s a bargain!

As the company says, “the future belongs to those who plan”.

Simon Turner

More information: Read the specifications for the Earthcom 70-128

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