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Australian Property Shines for Buyers Overseas

by Marquette Turner

in Money & Business, Real Estate Radar

It’s amazing what can change in quick time. The stock market is continuing to fall and the consequences are far from known. It’s difficult to say when it will stop after the Dow Jones suffered its biggest single day loss in history this week. Institutional investors are selling, preferring to hold cash and wait to buy back in at the right time. The big question is “when will be the right time”?

Other investment options will of course be considered and the Australian property market is looking very good. As interest rates decrease and the stability of the property market is considered it is hard not to argue that Australian property will be on the radar of investors both private and institutional domestically and abroad.

With job losses abroad it is highly likely that some Australian expats will be out of work and heading back to Australia to find a new home. With a stable economy, monetary policy looking favourable and investors searching for a safe haven property in Australia is sure to figure well. This will be welcome news for all property owners and is possible due to the health of the domestic financial sector.

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Michael Marquette

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