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Australia Day – A “Fair Go” For Everyone

by Marquette Turner

in News & Views

Monday 26th January is Australia Day and is celebrated by Australian’s throughout the world not simply for the creation of Australia but for the values and principles that being Australian espouses.

These include:australia_day.jpg

  • Unity
  • A “fair go” for everyone (ie. equal opportunity and rights)
  • Reflection
  • Inspire national pride and spirit
  • Promote and recognise achievements
  • Reflection and Education
  • Encourage discussion debate over what it means to be Australian

For Indigenous Australians, 26 January is an occasion to reflect on past loss and suffering that European invasion signifies. This is not a fact lost on Australian’s in general, whom appreciate indigenous grievances, but hope that the principles of Australia Day make the occasion worthwhile and something that everyone, regardless of nationality, religion, or background can appreciate.

The Marquette Turner Luxury Homes team wishes everyone a Happy Australia Day!

Simon Turner

More information: The Australia Day Council website provides a vast array of resources and information. You can also check out the Australia Day Honours List

Download “Celebrating Australia: A History of Australia Day” by Dr Elizabeth Kwan as a pdf

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