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Aspen Real Estate Prices are "Nothing Special"

by Marquette Turner

in News & Views

Aspen Ski Resort in the US sounds expensive just thinking about it. It might look cheap or expensive compared to the budget you have for buying real estate and secondly it might look cheap or expensive compared to other luxury real estate in other US ski resorts.

The first price distinction is a personal matter; it just depends on your budget. If your budget is $US100,000 to buy a vacation apartment, then Aspen will definitely look expensive to you.

But if your budget is $US2 million for a two-bedroom condo and you are comparing it to other luxury resort towns you will find that Aspen prices are not outlandish anymore. Back in the heydays of Aspen becoming a hip place its prices always bordered on the insane. It used to really take a leap of faith to buy.

That is what changed. Aspen apartments in the central core of town range from about $US1,400 to $US1,800 per square foot depending on level of finish, age and location. International real estate prices like London and Dublin have far outpaced Aspen and tourists often go bargain hunting for real estate in Aspen.

As Aspen is fast becoming an international destination resort the weak US Dollar is turning real estate prices into bargain basement levels for a large swath of wealthy individuals. The British Pound is hovering around 2:1 to the Dollar and the Euro is at an all time high nearing 1.50:1 to the Dollar.

Aspen, with its 5,000 single-family homes and 5,000 apartments between them are on an even keel with standard Manhattan Real Estate and we are not talking the Fifth Avenue places that demand prices of up to $6,000 per square foot. Just that fact should ensure that real estate in this little town will do well in the future as Aspen is a special place at currently an “un-special”price.

Posted by Toby Munk on 02/23/2008 at 06:23 PM
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