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Are Moving Pods a Superior Moving Solution?

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Lifestyle, Variety

Moving pods are a type of moving and storage containers that are gaining fast popularity. But are they a superior moving solution? Let’s look at some of the advantages of moving pods-

  1. Size

Whether you are moving a two-room apartment or a small dorm room, renting a moving pod will be a wise decision. Unlike many other container options, moving pods come in multiple sizes.

A smaller pod can hold up to one room full of furniture, while you can hire a mix and match of sizes to facilitate your specific needs.  So instead of hiring a way-too-large container for your requirements, you only have to pay for appropriately sized containers.

Moving home

2. Suitability

U-Packs are intended for long-distance moves, while U-Haul is better for local moves. Moving pods offer the best of both worlds. These are a suitable solution for local and long-distance moves.

3. Durability

Just like U-Packs, pod containers are highly durable and will keep your belongings secure. These weather-resistant containers boast a steel-frame, making them capable of withstanding unfavourable weather conditions.

4. Usage Flexibility

One of the biggest advantages of pod moving containers is the flexibility it offers in terms of usage. Unlike other container solutions that come with strict deadlines, you don’t have to immediately pack and unpack moving pods.

Pods offer a flexible time frame, so that you can load and unload at your convenience. This is especially useful for those planning to move on their own without the help of movers and packers. Also, if you are on a budget, the cost of moving pods will be much more effective than hiring a slew of professionals.

5. Moving and Storage

Pod moving containers can double up as a storage container as well. You can use it to temporarily store your belongings in your driveway or park it at a secure storage centres offered by the moving company.  

6. Multiple Moves

Usually most moving companies will load everything at once and move it. On the other hand, a pods container gives you the option of moving in multiple trips if you desire.

This allows you to move at your own pace, rather than loading and unloading at once, which can be overwhelming.

7. Availability

With the rising popularity, moving pods are readily available. Many companies provide pods containers in various sizes and at multiple locations. You can reach out to trusted movers in Silver Spring, MD to inquire about pods moving containers.

Though pod moving containers have several benefits, they come with a flipside. The average cost of hiring a pods moving container is considerably higher than its counterparts. Moving companies often charge on a daily basis for pods containers and since you will be using them for multiple days, the accumulated cost can easily exceed your budget.

For U-Pack you only have to pay for the containers you end up using. So if you ordered three containers but only used one, then you don’t have to pay for the two unused containers. However, in the case of pods containers, you will have to pay for all the containers ordered, whether you use them all or not.

In conclusion, pods moving containers are gaining popularity because of the convenience they offer. With a moving container, you don’t have to adhere to anyone else’s methods or rely on their services. Moving pods have a wider scope than traditional moving solutions. You can load and unload as you want or store your belongings for a while. They can make the move a lot easier.

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