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Andreas Verheijen, the Flower Engineer

by Marquette Turner

in Artists, Design & Trends, Interior Design, Variety

For those who like to go beyond the norm in their home and garden, perhaps it’s time you did away with your florist or floral arranger, and welcomed a flower engineer.

One such engineer, is Andreas Verheijen from the Netherlands whom, after 15 years of working in the floral department of the iconic London department store Harrods, has moved on to create some magnificent designs.

Much in the way that a sculptor would manipulate clay or wood, for example, the flower engineer Verheijen works intimately with flowers and plants of all shapes, sizes, colours and breeds to create designs that can only be described as magnificent art pieces.

Some designs are so extravagant that they cause one to question whether the designs are actually made from flowers, whilst others, albeit equally bespoke, are breathtakingly beautiful.

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