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An Education Revolution in Real Estate is Sorely Overdue

by Marquette Turner

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With the Federal election unfolding the concept of an education revolution has pricked my ears up. Recently Marquette Turner convened a “think tank” where we spent two days in lockdown considering how best to continue educating our team as well as what new initiatives could help in attracting high calibre individuals to our company and also the industry as a whole.

Simon Turner and myself are committed to a transformed industry where tertiary level training is compulsory and negotiation is formally taught and examined. Our vision is to see the real estate industry in Australia mature into the profession that it needs to be – much like Accounting, Medicine and Law.

The reality is that real estate agents are one of the highest paid consultants in any industry, yet the entry requirements are so low and the training reality is that very few people ever fail once enrolled in the course. The “pass everyone” mentality is continuing to see hundreds of people enter the industry – most really should not be there.

An Education Revolution in Real Estate is Sorely Overdue

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I have listened to the education plans of both major parties and while they are both touting to increase spending on education there appears to be little focus on improving or completely restructuring the training requirements for real estate and other professions which are in desperate need of an overhaul.

Marquette Turner is a fierce opponent of the “increase places” education revolution that seems to be the centrepiece of what we are hearing. Simply increasing the number of places does not improve systems that are clearly failing and in need of immediate attention.

It was only yesterday when I was told of a real estate agent in Newcastle offering a potential purchaser part of his commission if he were to buy a house from him. This sort of person should not be in the industry and is a perfect example of why a formal, tertiary level qualification is so desperately needed at Bachelor level as part of the process of cleaning up the real estate industry.

More places in existing training programs where standards are low and almost everyone is guaranteed to pass is just not the answer. Let’s hope our politicians are listening. This is something that Marquette Turner is working diligently towards.

Michael Marquette

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