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Alternative Energy: Why isn’t Australia Leading the “Green” Charge for Solar & Wind

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Eco-Living, Features

Given the location and size of Australia it is possible that we could lead the world in solar and wind technology. We live on the largest island in the World, have the 7th largest land mass of any country, we are surrounded by ocean and have a population of just over 21.84 million people. We have an abundance of land, plenty of ocean and enormous deserts.


Wind farms throughout the world are being set up with a few dozen to several hundred wind turbines. Some are being set up offshore to take advantage of strong winds over lakes or oceans. Germany currently has the largest wind generation capacity followed by USA, Spain, India and China. The United Kingdom plans to power all of its homes by wind power by 2020 through enormous offshore wind farms.

By ratifying the Kyoto protocol in 2007 Australia committed to producing 20% renewable power by 2020 – in other words we have just 11 years to improve our performance from just over 4% to the 20% target. Australia currently uses wind technology to produce just over 1% of our energy needs and a further 3% is harnessed through solar. Scotland is already using renewable sources to produce 19% of its energy needs.

Germany has 100 times more installed solar capacity than Australia. Australia has only 25,000 households with solar panels installed and solar installation is increasing at 15% per year compared with 30-40% globally. With so much capacity to produce energy through renewable sources the Australian Government must put policy in place to encourage installation of solar and wind facilities. There is no excuse for Australia to be anywhere but first place in the race to be green.

Watch a video to see how solar panel works HERE



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