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Almost Everything You Need To Know About Santa Barbara, California

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

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The Pacific Coast of California is a region that needs no introduction. Its reputation for long, warm summer days, beautiful beaches, and calm, tranquil scenery is the stuff of countless tourism oriented broadsides and cable TV ads. There is no need to rehearse the old tired song and dance, except to quickly note that much of it was, and still remains, very much rooted in reality. Santa Barbara is a heck of a nice place to visit, and it’s even nicer when you can call it home.

Fine Wines And Ice Cream For Connoisseurs

Were you aware that Santa Barbara is home to some of Southern California’s most popular wines? Or that there literally dozens of fine wineries and tasting rooms to choose from as you mosey around the downtown area on a lazy weekend afternoon? Granted, nothing can quite compare to the famous Napa Valley region. But, if you’re in the mood for some darned vino, and to relax on the beach afterward, nothing beats a refreshing tumbler of home grown vintage grape.

If your tastes are ranged more on the side of teetotal refreshment, fear not. Santa Barbara is also home to some of the finest ice cream establishments in all of the nation. You can stop into a local ice cream parlor, perhaps order a candy cone and a root beer float, and bask in the warmth of a perfect Southern California day.

Santa Barbara Real Estate - Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

Santa Barbara Is Still A Buyer’s Market

Perhaps the fact that will surprise the largest number of readers of this present article is the fact that, as of the time of writing, Santa Barbara is very much a buyer’s market. A quick glance through Internet real estate websites will bear this out. If you’ve been dreaming of relocating to sunny, breezy Southern California, Santa Barbara is a location that should be kept in mind as a very possible candidate for your welcome emigration.

Local Santa Barbara real estate tycoons, such as Kenny Slaught among many others, will be quick to point out that the prices here are still extremely favorable and inviting from the point of view of a potential buyer. In other words, the pernicious trend that causes real estate agents and property owners to grit their teeth and cry in their Jamba Juice is the self same trend that should put a huge smile on a potential buyer’s face.

Santa Barbara

There’s Always More To Learn, And More To Discover

Of course, not even a lengthy article can fill you in on every single item and detail that you need in order to judge for yourself whether or not you can learn to “belong” to any specific location. But, if there was ever a more opportune time to discover whether you are a natural fit with the perpetually warm and sunny climate of Santa Barbara, the present writer has yet to learn of it.

The climate is optimal, the natives are peaceful and friendly, law and order are in excellent shape, and the real estate forecast for a buyer’s market is very reliable. If you’d like to check out what Santa Barbara has to offer you, now is the time to seize the day and see exactly how you’d like it here in the sweet California sunshine.

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