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All you need for a Pinterest-worthy home

by emily

in Design & Trends

Pinners browsing the boards of Pinterest reflect a shade of green on their screens as they enviously pin photographs to their own boards. Especially home boards! Everyone wants a Pinterest-worthy home. They’re elegant, cosy, contemporary and just plain beautiful. There are a few ways you can achieve the Pinterest-worthy status when it comes to your own home, but you’re going to have to work for it and spend some cash money at HomeChoice.

Give your place a good clean and see what you have to work with, then apply the following elements and get your camera ready to record the difference.


Let’s start with something relatively simple and easy. Plants. Preferably ones that don’t require too much attention. Plants and fresh flowers inside the house bring a natural element that makes people feel comfortable and is a quick way to bring colour into a room. Also, the majority of home interior photos on Pinterest have some kind of living greenery in it, take a look for yourself.

Statement piece

Each room should have a focal point or statement piece. It doesn’t have to be huge, there are enough other things happening around the house, but if you feel like something is missing or you want to give the room a little boost, this is how. A classic coffee table, a painted side table, a fireplace, a mirror or some artwork will all work as statement pieces.

It’s that one thing that makes the room unique and captures the eye of the Pinterest-beholder.


Another way to make your home get all the likes and pins is to play with textures. You can, essentially, achieve this with cushions alone thanks to the variety of sequenced, fluffy, suede, cotton, embroidered, leather and silk scatter cushions out there.

Other ways to play with texture will be to contrast furniture materials. Glass and pretty much anything goes well together and simultaneously open up an area. And even by laying a furry rug in a room of concrete furnishings makes it more comfortable.   

Simplicity versus organised chaos

Now, this next element plays to your personal preferences of plain and simple or cosy and organised chaos. Pinterest is home to both and both can be beautiful.

If you prefer clean, open planned, spacious and a modernistic style, then stick to simplicity. Don’t overcrowd your rooms, use clean finishes when it comes to your furniture and make use of a neutral colour theme.

If your preferences are on the other end of the scale, then try mimic Pinterest’s organised chaos. This involves lots of different colours – keep them complimentary – different textures brought in through furniture, cushions, rugs, plants and everything in it. The secret to organised chaos is making sure that everything you put into the space has a function and serves some sort of purpose. Otherwise, you’ll just be living in a mess.


Shelves are essential for any room wanting to make it on Pinterest. Not only will it make your life easier to keep things in place, out of the way and generally organised, but it’s a great way to style your room. Don’t stick to the traditional books on a bookshelf, rather make use of floating shelves and candles, figurines or decor items to scatter amongst the standard items.

You’ll have way more space to work with and you’ll have fun stacking and arranging things along the shelves.

Featured wall

Whether you use your featured wall as your focal point or have shelves across the wall as a featured wall you need to have one wall that stands out. It can be a bold colour or mural statement, or you can create a collage. A collage of mirrors, crosses, photos, frames (with no photos), inspirational quotes, polaroid pictures, geometric vinyl stickers, funky wallpaper – it can literally be anything that tastefully fits your room.  


Plain ceiling lights aren’t Pinterest-worthy. A bulb covered by a whitewashed dome just won’t do it. You need to start getting creative with your lighting. Ditch the lampshades and buy filament bulbs with different patterns on the inside. Hang them from the ceiling in bundles, at different lengths and in different areas.

But don’t go overboard with artificial lights. Filament bulbs and fairy lights are more for decorative purposes than functional purposes. Rather invest in a contemporary floor lamp positioned where it will be used for evening reading for example, instead of overpowering LED lights blinding whoever walks in. Obviously, it will be dependant on the room and you can’t expect to cook in a kitchen without sufficient lighting, so just be smart about that.

What you should do is make the most of the natural lighting that comes into your house. Put in large windows on the sides where the sun rises and sets and let it fill your house. With the living plants inside, the combination will bring a calming atmosphere.

Keep it clean

Last, but not least, if you want your house to be Pinterest-worthy just keep it clean!

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