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Airbus Reveals the Future of Travel is About the Journey as Well as the Destination

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

in Eco-Living, Lifestyle, Travel, Variety

Being crammed into a carbon-fiber tube for hours as we seek to get to our destination as quickly as possible is something that sends a sense of dread right through ones body, so the release by manufacturer Airbus of their future aircraft concept greets us with interest (even though the time lag between concept and completion is painfully slow at the best of times).

Featuring a completely transparent fuselage of a special futuristic type of ceramic which, on demand would send electrical impulses through the material to instantly make it see-through, passengers would be able to view the heavens above and earth below.

“The planes of the future will offer an unparalleled, unobstructed view of the wonders of the five continents – where you will be able see the pyramids or the Eiffel Tower through the transparent floor of the aircraft,” they state as part of “The Future By Airbus”.

What’s more there’s morphing seats made from ecological, self-cleaning materials, which change shape for better ergonomics; walls that become transparent at the touch of a button; and holographic projections of virtual decors, allowing travelers to transform their private cabin into an office, bedroom or Zen garden!

The future passenger cabin will be ecological. No more non-renewable materials like metal and plastic, but plant fibers, fully-recyclable, that can be grown to the desired shape from sustainable resources.

Okay, for now it certainly seems like pie in the sky stuff, and for those with a fear of heights and/or flying well, such concepts probably don’t go very far in alleviating such pre-dispositions. Nevertheless, the future has to start somewhere!

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