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Adding International Property to Your Investment Portfolio

by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes

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Expanding your investment opportunities and diversifying your portfolio can pay off in big ways. A favorable exchange rate can result in your securing a valuable property at a very low price. Since exchange rates vary, consulting with a financial or real estate advisor is highly recommended in order to get the best deal. Many countries have emerging economies that are on the cusp of greatness. By investing early there is the potential for large returns when international locales gain a stronger economy and market.

A vacation home abroad

We all need a break away occasionally. If there is a country or location that you find yourself returning to time and time again, then investing in a vacation home there may save you a lot of money over renting, and gain equity by increasing in value at the same time. A vacation home can be rented to others when you are not using it yourself. This can provide a substantial regular income for investors while the property is growing in value. In some cases the rental income could more than pay the mortgage.


There are many factors that can affect your overall return. If you take out a mortgage to purchase the property than you will be paying interest on the debt, which will reduce your overall return. If you buy a property outright you can maximize your savings and return potential. That doesn’t mean you can’t get a decent return on a property if you have to make mortgage payments, it merely means that your return could be less overall. As you can see there is a lot to think about when deciding what investments to add or remove from a portfolio. A riskier investment often has the potential for larger returns than a safe one but it is really a gamble. An investment professional can help you compare risk and return levels so that you make investments you feel comfortable with.

Dallas, Texas, USA

Hot investment areas

International property markets that are expected to provide great returns over the long term include Spain, The United States, Greece, Italy, and France. The mortgage crisis in the United States has resulted in a flood of real estate on the market at rock bottom prices.

Good advice pays for itself

Markets change and you need to be sure that you are making the investment that is best for your own unique portfolio. An experienced investment professional can make a big difference to your returns and will ensure that you have the appropriate paperwork completed when making an overseas investment. Building a large investment portfolio can be an overwhelming feat for an individual, as a result it can be easy to miss opportunities or not have enough diversity to protect you from too much risk as you age. It is definitely worth seeking out the advice of an investment professional such as Pete Briger. Pete Briger’s presentations have helped many people think about and plan for a brighter financial future. Over the years he has created many outstanding portfolios for clients through his association with Fortress Investment Group.

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