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Adding Comfort and Convenience to Long Distance Flights

by emily

in Emily Apple, Guest article, Lifestyle, Travel, Variety

As glamorous as jetting off to your favourite holiday destination may sound, there is nothing romantic about a ten-hour flight, particularly if you’re not fortunate enough to be sitting at the pointy end on this occasion. Luckily some simple luxuries, tips and tricks can take the edge off the aeroplane blues.

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Settling in for the long haul

If possible, book a seat by an emergency exit for the extra leg room. However, beware the tempting open space right by the lavatory; the constant human traffic and noise might hinder your sleep.

When you’ve located your seat, be frugal with the items you keep at hand. The more items you have lying around, the less comfortable you’ll be. A book, an eye mask and a travel pillow are basic essentials. Less crucial items can go in your overhead compartment.

Make the best of convenience

Airlines go to great lengths to make flights as pleasant as possible. However, the high pressured environment on a plane can be hard on your body.  Ask you stewardess for water as often as possible to keep hydrated and keep eye-drops and lip balm in your carry-on luggage. Also remember to stretch at regular intervals; high cabin pressure and a lack of movement diminish your circulation.

Clever prior planning can make a flight much more convenient. For instance, notifying the airline of any dietary preferences means you’ll get your meals first. Does the entire family expect a gift when you return? No problem, some airlines offer online shopping.  This means any duty free apparel you order can be delivered to your seat on the plane, saving you the last minute shopping spree.

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Try your best to sleep

Although a sleeping aid can ensure you disembark well rested, an excessive dose means you’ll reach your holiday destination in a groggy state. Dealing with luggage, taxis and hotels can be a nightmare when you’re half numb. Rather test any sleeping pills or relaxing agent beforehand to make sure you take the right amount.

If you want to avoid sleeping aids altogether, the best rest you’ll get is if you just relax. Put your sleeping mask on, drown out the rustle of the cabin with some soothing music and think about the wonderful time you’ll have on your holiday.

Lastly, try to avoid looking at the time. Nothing can make a flight seem as long as when you check your watch every two minutes. Just settle in, get as comfortable as you can and enjoy the flight.

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