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A Brief Introduction

Michael Marquette

michael-miniprof.jpgBorn and raised in Newcastle, I attended The University of Newcastle and completed two years of the Bachelor of Medicine degree.

Whilst studying I worked for Grace Bros and also tutored children each week in mathematics. After two successful years of study I decided to start my own business selling hydroponic equipment which was to change my future direction forever. What was intended to be a short break from University quickly became an incredibly fast growing business career and within two years I owned the second largest hydroponic retail chain in Australasia.

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Simon Turner

simon-miniprof.jpgBorn in England, Simon settled in Melbourne as a teenager. He soon moved to Canberra after being accepted at the Australian Defence Force Academy.

Serving over eight years as an Intelligence Officer in the Royal Australian Air Force, Simon retired having seen service throughout the world, including Afghanistan, together with both a Bachelor and Master’s degree.

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