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A Tidy Home for a Tidy Mind

by emily

in Lifestyle, Variety

Keeping our homes neat and tidy is not only good for when unexpected guests come round, it is also important for our health and wellness. Decluttering is something which we should do often. Think of spring cleaning as an important annual event with regular, monthly decluttering sessions thrown in to keep on top of clutter.


What makes you happy?

Much attention is being paid recently to a book written about this subject. Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up recommends you hold each item in your hand and ask “Does this bring me joy?”

“The inside of a house or apartment after decluttering has much in common with a Shinto shrine … a place where there are no unnecessary things, and our thoughts become clear,” she writes.

“It is the place where we appreciate all the things that support us. It is where we review and rethink about ourselves.”

She recommends doing an immediate purge, throwing away or donating everything which doesn’t bring joy into your life. You will then be dissuaded from buying new goods, using that same strategy to only bring into the home those items which give you joy.

Our living space represents our mental state

Writing about the importance of minimalism and decluttering, the author of Into Mind says: “If you are trying to live a simpler, more intentional life in 2015, decluttering is a great first step. Why? Because the things we own can have a pretty huge effect on us, both positive and negative, and the state of our living space tends to be a good representation of our mental state.

“When you deal with the clutter in your house, you aren’t just dealing with physical objects, but all of the emotions, values and memories that are tied to them, which often has a very therapeutic effect and can give you a huge dose of motivation to work through other issues in your life as well. Decluttering is a great first domino.”

Get started

The most important factor when it comes to decluttering is starting. It really is that simple. Here are some tips and tricks:

Organise your cupboards. This is a simple step which can encourage you to continue purging items which you don’t need. Clothes which you haven’t worn in months need to go. If you aren’t reaching for them often, they don’t belong in your cupboard.

Consider your own style. If you’ve been hanging onto furniture or decor which you don’t love but feel some form of obligation toward, get rid of it. Explain politely to Granny why you won’t be keeping her antique armoire or mismatched set of lounge suites, and kick them to the curb.

Your life, right now. Think about your life and what your needs are now. If your kids are grown up but you’re still hanging onto their baby clothes, you know what to do. If you have three wild dogs with plenty of white upholstery which you spend every day scrubbing, you know what to do.
Now is the time to organise your home (and your life). Get started and consider each item. You’ll have a clean home and mind in no time at all.

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