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A Pre-Move Guide to Happy Nesting

by emily

in Moving Home, Variety


Moving home can be stressful; so stressful that you might feel you want to rage on the person closest to you. It’s not an easy task and can get even more difficult if you go at it alone. Even the perfect organisers find it to be a stressful task because you have to make sure you have everything, and on top of that still ensure that your new place is ready for you when you get there. Many new home owners use a bond repayment calculator to guarantee that they can afford the place, if only there was a way to calculate your stress levels before moving also.

Plan, plan, plan

Never go about simply packing in every single item into boxes, and then shipping them away as if all your troubles are over. On the contrary, it’s the catalyst of all packing troubles. Failure to plan and categorise inventory could lead to more stress when it comes to unpacking.

Get colour coordinated stickers to put on the boxes with similar items. Room one’s box should have a different colour sticker to room two. When it comes to unpacking, there won’t be a heap of items laying on the living room mat. Plan and prepare the night ahead which rooms you’re doing when. That way you won’t be too tired the next day to continue unpacking.

Using home-movers services

Don’t choose the first home-movers service that pops up on your search engine. Take time to get quotes and do a thorough search of each of your selected home mover services. Some of these services do charge and arm and a leg to move home contents. Also find out whether they provide insurance on the items that they move, that way there can be surety that valuable items are transported with care and safety.

Asking friends to help out

There is always a little doubt in the mind of a mover whether their items are safe. Should you feel this way, then ask your friends to keep some of your valuables at their place until the move is over. Moving day can end up being chaotic; it would be a safe bet to insure anything that’s valuable or breakable if you’re using a moving company. Remember that if you’re moving a computer, do a quick backup of important files just in case something happens in transit.

You will at least have freed up head space and n worries about valuables, this is one thing every mover needs – free head space to think clearly and have no worries about what is coming next. Have your home-contents packed and waiting on the mover service for when they arrive. Some of these guys charge for on the hour service, still having to pack when they come, will only cost you more money.

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