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A Pet Friendly Home and Still Green

by emily

in Design & Trends, Eco-Living, Interior Design, Lifestyle, Variety

We all love having a little, furry companion in our homes; it’s one of the best reasons to return home. However, these little friends require more than just admiration and love – they need items, food, warmth. We therefore need some items to help us in providing these necessary things for them.

What do indoor pets need

Aside from warmth, food and regular water, animals need to express their instincts in many other ways. As WebMD notes about indoor cats:

“it’s not always catnip for indoor kitties, whose instincts are still telling them to hunt, stalk, scratch, and mark their territory. When they don’t have a chance to do these things comfortably, some indoor cats can get depressed, bored, irritated, and even sick.”

This is seen across species: after all, we even put hamster balls in cages to let the little creatures run without needing wide space.

A Pet Friendly Home and Still Green

Green for you and your pet

There are green ways to help your pets do this. For example, cats love to express themselves and go on adventures with curtains. So why not get eco-friendly curtains, using alternatives to, say, wood-blinds or similar green treatments.

Instead of letting pets on to your beds, why not get them their own? The Pet Dreams Eco Friendly 2-Piece Bumper Bed. As the company indicates:

“the perfect bed for dogs that like to cuddle up. A fluffy center pillow is surrounded by Plush Bumpers on all four sides, so your dog will feel secure. The removable center pillow has patent-pending Interior Channels so that the fill stays under your pet. The elegant colors and plush fabric will look like an accessory in your home.”

Thus, not only is it a great accessory for the home, but also a green alternative that benefits your pets.

Even cat-litter can be considered in an eco-friendly way: with 100% natural, Purr & Simple litter from Carlson as an example of a biodegradable and environmentally conscious product.

Or what about the Harry Barker Bamboo Dog Bowl: as the name suggests this is not plastic nor metal.

Considering your house again, you can also try create door flaps using products that are eco-friendly. Endura Flap, for example, is one such product: “The Endura Flap™ uses a polyolefin-based polymer (similar to material used in food storage containers) which is a non-toxic material that is recyclable and safe for the environment.”

All of this adds to making your life and life with a pet more green, and trying to accommodate your home.

(Image credit: Pet Bucket)

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